Therapeutic Pillows

Characterized by its low resilience, Anti-stress, pressure reducing memory foam pillow has been specially designed to fit different needs and to confer the best relaxation ever, thanks to its particular foam that moulds both the head and the neck.

It is made of advanced hypoallergenic, anti-fungi and antimicrobial visco-elastic foam. Having an anatomically correct profile and a unique pressure relieving shape, the anti-stress pillow provides maximum support, allowing the neck’s and the shoulder’s muscles to relax completely.

It can be adjusted to your neck, by inserting one or two layers into your pillowcase.

Offers remarkable relief for legs and knees.

Body Inclinator
Ergonomic torso support improves digestion and circulation.

Supports the lower back and relieves muscular pain.

Neck Cushion
Ergonomic support aid stretches the cervical vertebrate.

Neck Protector
Ergonomic neck holder provides cervical protection

Ensures correct posture while reading or watching television.

Respects the anatomy and provides gentle and even support in any sleep position (100% cotton cover).

An orthopedic pillow with ergonomic nodules that stimulate the circulatory system (100% cotton cover).

Comfortable shaped surface enhances cervical support (100% cotton cover).